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gold coin with indian head dressPaper money isn’t even worth close to the dollar amount it’s denomination states.

Gold is never worthless (like paper money) and in a terrible economy gold helps protect you against inflation.

Indian Head gold coins are a great way to do this because not only do they contain gold, but they are looked at as a collectors items that you can store and keep safe, yourself.  If you’re looking to get stated by buying gold, including gold Indian Head coins we recommend this site here.

Indian Head Coin Historical Data

This type of coin was released in 1908 and designed by a sculptor named Bela Lyon Pratt.  The concept was to create a coin that was different than the liberty head coins that were popular at the time.

Bela studied under Augustus Saint-Gaudens whom created several pieces and many other famous gold coins.

The coin was struck from 1908-1929.

Their are three versions the half-eagle ($5.00 coin) and the quarter-eagle ($2.50) and the eagle ($10.00).  Of course these coins are worth MUCH more than this in today’s market not only because the gold that they contain but because the current price of gold.

Collectors value can overshadow the gold value in these coins.  Owning a set of gold coins can be a collectors dream as well as a lifelong investment.

Where Can You Buy Them?


You can browse and order various Indian Head gold coinage here (check it out here).

You’ll be able to chat with an expert, with the chat with an expert area on the side of the site.  From here you’ll be able to place an order.

Upon ordering you’ll receive your coins by mail in just 7 days!

Optionally you can request a free gold collectors kit that will be mailed to your home as well.  This kit will discuss long term investing as well as buying precious metals like gold and silver.
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